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Accelerate your application with OpenACC

Accelerate your application with OpenACC

Gunter Röth, NVIDIA

Learn how to accelerate your C/C++/Fortran application using OpenACC to harness the massively parallel power of NVIDIA GPUs. OpenACC is a directive based approach to computing where you provide compiler hints to accelerate your code, instead of writing the accelerator code yourself. In 90 minutes, you will experience a four-step process for accelerating applications using OpenACC:

  1. Identify parallelism with profiler
  2. Add loop parallelization directives (Jacobi Solver)
  3. Explicit loop parallelization
  4. Optimize Kernel Scheduling using gang and vector directives

An advanced tutorial session will furthermore be proposed over the next 90 minutes, with a choice on the following topics:

  • Profiling and Parallelizing with OpenACC
  • Expressing Data Movement and Optimizing Loops with OpenACC
  • Pipelining Work on the GPU with OpenACC

Futher details on the quicklab website Requirements for attendees:

  • each attendee needs to bring his/her laptop with wifi access to internet
  • attendees need to pre-register so we create a qwiklab login for them with their email address beforehand, at

Bio Dr Gunter Roeth joined NVIDIA as a Solution Architect in October 2014, having previously worked at Cray, HP, Sun Microsystems and most recently BULL. He has a Master in geophysics from the Institut de Physique du Globe (IPG) in Paris and has completed a PhD in seismology on the use of neural networks (artificial intelligence) for interpreting geophysical data.

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